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MOT Tests

MOTs Not Class 7

We carry out MOT tests right here on-site, and can accept last minute bookings subject to capacity. MOT testing is a government requirement, designed to establish a vehicle’s roadworthiness. Required annually on all vehicles 3 years old and above, these checks take a look at the key safety aspects of the vehicle and determines whether it meets the minimum standards. If you need to book your vehicle in, complete our booking form or give us a call to make further enquiries.

MOT Testing & The Law

If your vehicle is 3 years old or older, it is a legal requirement for it to hold a valid MOT certificate. This must be renewed every year. Failure to MOT your vehicle, or driving an automobile that has been deemed unsafe, is a criminal offence resulting in fines, points and even a ban. Not to mention, you will be unable to tax your car and insurance policies will be void in the event of an accident. You can check whether your MOT test is due using the button below.

An MOT Overview

It’s helpful to know what is covered during an MOT, so you can address any issues you’re aware of that may result in a failure. The main aspects covered during the examination of your vehicle are:

Preparing For An MOT Test

While there is no guarantee of a pass, there are steps that you can take to give your vehicle the best chance. Visually check the condition of your wipers for signs of wear and address any cracks in the windscreen. You should also remove hanging air fresheners and other visual obstructions. Make sure all your lights are working, including indicators and dash lights. Top up your fluid levels. Finally, give your tyres a once over, check the air pressure and book a tyre change if required. If you would prefer not to do these checks yourself, you can also contact us to book a pre-MOT assessment.

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