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Car Batteries

We supply a range of quality car batteries from leading brands, renowned for their performance and longevity. You’ll benefit from manufacturer guarantees and warranty on your new battery, and free fitting is included in the purchase. If you’re experiencing problems with your vehicle’s power, such as dipping lights, or trouble starting, the battery could be the issue. Our technicians can carry out a battery test to check the cells and advise if you need a new one or further investigation. Contact us today to discuss your needs or book an appointment.

Battery Testing

Is your vehicle difficult to start? Do your lights dip while driving? There can be various causes behind these issues, including a faulty battery. We can check your battery to see if it is holding its charge and measuring the correct volts.

Signs You May Need A New Battery

Top Brand Car Batteries

We stock batteries from top manufacturers, including Optima, Bosch, Numax, Exide and many more. Purchase includes free fitting and you’ll benefit from manufacturer warranty (duration subject to make and model). This can all be carried out while you wait so you can be back on the road in no time.

How To Look After Your Car Battery

Car batteries will lose charge naturally over time, and you may find battery deterioration increases with reduced use. Cold weather can also impact your battery’s performance. It is good practice to check the condition periodically and our team can also carry out charge checks to let you know if a cell is failing. You should expect to change your car’s battery every 5-7 years.

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