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Why You Should Keep Up With Regular Servicing

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How often do you take your car for servicing? It’s recommended to take your vehicle in to the professionals every year or every 12,000 miles. It is here they will examine the vehicle and carry out all the necessary checks to ensure your car is in good condition. This is more thorough than an MOT test, so it’s necessary for the health of your car. Here’s why it’s important.

Safe Driving

If you drive a car with possible faults, then this puts you and the people in your vehicle at risk. It makes it more likely an accident will happen because the components haven’t been kept in good condition. Regular servicing means problems are spotted before they develop into danger. Ensure you don’t neglect getting services, as this could lead to an unsafe vehicle.

Car on a vehicle ramp

Maintains Value

If you want to sell your car in the future, regular servicing is a must. Potential buyers will favour vehicles that have a ‘full-service history’ as this shows it has been taken care of and it’s less likely that components need to be repaired or replaced. What’s more, it will keep the car in working order for a longer time. This means you will get your full use of the car and when it’s time to sell on, the new owner will also benefit from a well-maintained vehicle.

Avoids Expensive Visits

Instead of waiting for your vehicle to have a problem, it’s always good to get them detected earlier on. Not only will this help prevent emergency situations and breakdowns, but it will also help to avoid expensive repairs. Regular servicing will help to detect issues early on so you can get it fixed for a more affordable price. If problems go undetected, it runs the risk of impacting other components too. For example, driving on worn brake pads can eventually cause issues for the entire braking system, which can be a hefty price to pay.

Car Service Oil Change

Efficient Vehicle Performance

Servicing will help to keep your car in good condition so it will perform at its best. Ensuring your vehicle is always at top performance can make it more efficient. Driving with components that are faulty can put stress on other parts of your car. Full and interim services are great for keeping your car working as it should be and also good for improving fuel efficiency.

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